Crusader Mill, Manchester

Crusader Mill, Manchester

Date: 12 October, 2018 | Author: Administrator


Structures Group have partnered with Main Contractor Artez Group to fully refurbish 200,000 sq ft of residential development for leading developer's - Capital & Centric. 



Chapeltown Street, Manchester City Centre. 


This fusion of traditional /contemporary design proposes 201, 1-2 bedroom loft-style living apartments. Utilising the industrial layout of the old mill to create something truly unique. 
Our purpose on site is to conduct large scale abrasive cleaning to the mill's internal envelope. Our abrasive cleaning techniques on this project has involved forcibly blasting a designated specification of sand against both masonry and steel surfaces at high pressure. This pressurised cleaning process has allowed us to remove existing surface contaminants - predominantly lead based paint. As the restoration of Crusader Mill continues, we can stand back and appreciate the mill's long forgotten industrialised character and its inherent  rustic charm.