Fylde Coast Concrete Repairs

Fylde Coast Concrete Repairs

Date: 9 September, 2019 | Author: Administrator

WJ Structures were recently given the thumbs up to start work at Granny’s Bay for VolkerStevin, a large company who provide complex engineering solutions across a wide range of sectors including civil engineering, land remediation and regeneration, water and marine infrastructure and flood and coastal protection.

VolkerStevin’s recent projects include the reconstruction of births in Southampton, the design, construction and installation of a new tidal barrier gate in Ipswich, revival to Dover Western Docks, and in 2015, works on Her Majesty's Naval Base Portsmouth (HMNB Portsmouth). VolkerStevin prepared the base to become home to two new aircraft carriers – HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales – the biggest ships ever built for the Royal Navy!

The work at Granny’s Bay (officially named Stanner Bank) is part of a £22m coastal protection project along the Fylde coast. Interestingly, the nickname ‘Granny’s Bay’ derived from Lady Clifton who brought her grandchildren to the bay to visit, many years ago.

The work will provide new coast protection as well as an upgraded promenade, meaning that the new foreshore will remain an aesthetically pleasing recreational facility whilst providing necessary shoreline protection. Over 2,400 properties will be protected by the new flood defences once the work is complete.

The sea defence walls require repair as the existing coastal defences are time expired and have been failing. The current concrete coast defences were built in the 1890s and have been undergoing emergency repairs every year to prevent a major breach. The works undertaken will ensure that this seaside resort in Fylde will be fit for the next century.
Operatives at WJ Structures are currently busy carrying out concrete repairs to the newly installed sea wall defences, ensuring they are free from cracks and damage. Further down the coastline, another group of operatives, are working on the only part of the costal defence that will not be replaced, completing de-vegetation works and structurally reinstating the stone walling.

Only a stone’s throw away (no pun intended) at Fairhaven Lake, operatives have also repaired concrete step units into the lake, giving the area a new lease of life.

This project demonstrates our versatility in concrete repairs, working on steep inclines, in hard to reach areas, and against the tide. As approved concrete repair contractors, we use FLEXCRETE, SIKA, FOSROC, WATCO, SBD, PAREX, RONACRETE, BELZONA, KEIM and SEALOCRETE, amongst many other premium quality brands.

If you’re in Lytham over the summer, be sure to check out the ongoing works.

You can read more about the project at: https://www.visitstannes.info/about/seafront/grannys-bay/