The Octagon Theatre, Bolton

The Octagon Theatre, Bolton

Date: 5 February, 2019 | Author: Administrator

Following a pre-start meeting last week we are happy to announce our official commencement on site at the Octagon Theatre Project, Bolton. 

This long-anticipated refurbishment will be the most expansive in the building's 50 years of being open to the public. It aims to re-modernise the Octagon theatres appearance with new internal and external layouts including rectangular curtain walling and detailed brick cladding features. Moving away from the obvious aesthetic benefits of the project, this refurbishment also seeks to improve the overall functionality of the building by increasing floor space and the design of multi-purpose auditoriums and studios will allow the creation of more performances to be enjoyed by visitors. 

To facilitate the Octagon Theatres new layout, it involves key structural alteration work and general heavy lifting. In co-ordination with regular supply chain partners Willmott Dixon. This is where we come in. Our presence on site is to carry out the formation of new openings and the infilling of old ones. Including the localised demolition of existing concrete slabs. This process involves important structural planning, skilled workmanship and a can-do attitude. We're proud to be involved in such a prestigious project that will improve the experience of local visitors to the Octagon Theatre. We're looking forward to seeing the end result.

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