Wigan Cenotaph: North West England

Wigan Cenotaph: North West England

Date: 8 March, 2016 | Author: Administrator

WJ Structures recently carried out Complete Stone Clean & Restoration on Wigan Cenotaph. The whole monument was cleaned using a DOFF system, this restored the monument removing all naturally occurring dirt and grime. Without causing any damage to the stone. This also ensured that areas where repairs works are carried out will sufficiently blend in to the existing structure.

Damage over time to the cenotaph meant the stone indents and stone restoration was carried out through out the project. The indent repairs and restoration works used a lithomix restoration mortar.

The Brass Name Plaques which were rebronzed and cleaned with specialist materials and realigned to there original positions. Shown are pictures of the original damaged and dirty cenotaph, work carried out during and images after being restored to its original and proud appealing condition by WJStructures Ltd.

The bronze plaques around the base of the monument apparently record nearly 1,800 names of the war dead in an industrial town that had a population of about 89,000 at the outbreak of the Great War.