Concrete Laying, Repair & Protection

We have vast experience in all aspects of concrete laying and repair and our team are also KIWA and VCA–certified.

We have the experience and extensive knowledge that is essential in laying concrete groundwork foundations, industrial flooring, bases, landscaping and all the preparation works. 

We also cover concrete & crack Repair, concrete protection, chemical Injection, Grouting, Remedial Construction Applications, Waterproofing, Industrial Flooring, Jointing, Acid Proofing, Structural Strengthening, and Project Management.

The repair of concrete buildings and structures requires quality materials but more importantly experienced and skilled tradesmen to ensure that the repair is undertaken correctly.

We can undertake comprehensive concrete repair work for your structural repair project, whether it’s a car park, bridge, commercial structure, or historic building.

Concrete is a composite construction material composed primarily of aggregate, cement and water. Protection of exposed concrete is necessary to prolong its service life

After repairing the concrete a protective coating can be applied to all the exposed concrete surfaces to enhance the durability and structural strength.

Before any remedial works can be carried out you need to know the present condition of the concrete structure and the cause of any deterioration, to ensure you can make an knowledgeable judgement on the type and extent of the works required and the most appropriate methods and materials to be used.

We can offer a full range of onsite investigative, exploratory works and condition testing.